Soil: The Hidden Risk to Your Business and How to Manage It- The 2023 Guide

Degraded, polluted, and disappearing soils are major material business risks. See why and how business leaders at the world's top companies are taking control of their soil risks and planning for the future

fertile soil
Each year, an estimated 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil are lost due to erosion. The costs of land degradation are estimated between $40 to $490 billion USD in global economic impact.
direct operations and supply chains
For businesses’ direct operations and supply chains, soil risks are highly material on their own — and they directly intersect with two other top business risks: water risk and climate risk.
mitigate soil risk
With the climate getting ever more volatile, there is an urgent need for companies to assess and mitigate soil risk.

soil risk guide

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In this soil risk guide, you will learn

  • What are the dimensions of soil risk and how does it affect businesses?
  • What types of businesses are most at risk now and over the coming years?
  • What are the current parameters for evaluating soil risk?
  • What are companies doing today to 
    mitigate soil risk?
  • What current practices fall short?
  • Effective ways to mitigate soil risk and even identify soil opportunities