Suntory: Transforming Global Supply Chains Using Climate Insights

Brian Golden, Head of Global Supply Solutions at Suntory Holdings, joins ClimateAi for a virtual fireside chat.

Discover how Suntory is using climate intelligence to achieve deep global supply chain value by mitigating risks and finding opportunities. 

In this webinar, we'll explore stories highlighting how companies can transform data from ClimateAi's ClimateLens platform into actionable insights that help supply chains become more resilient in the face of climate volatility. 

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how your business can use predictive AI-driven insights to build climate resilience.
  • Hear how Suntory is using ClimateAi's ClimateLens platform to help strengthen their global supply chain.
  • Ask any questions about the intersection of climate, technology, and adaptation.

Missed the Webinar? Watch it Here!


Brian Golden
Brian Golden
Head of Global Supply Solutions
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Adam Rice
VP of Sales