2024 Climate Resilience Playbook:
Turn Climate Challenges Into Business Opportunities

Extreme weather throughout 2023 proved climate change is a now problem — not a 2050 problem. This is your playbook to build a climate resilience strategy for 2024 (and beyond).

Climate Risk
1-in-100-year weather events are now occurring at 1-in-10 year frequencies. Heat stress, frost, droughts, soil degradation, and water quality can all make-or-break an entire growing season.
Powered by AI, climate resilience technology unlocks granular climate intelligence from 1 day to 40 years out, helping companies take real action to address climate risk.
A bespoke climate resilience strategy delivers a triple dividend for businesses: avoided losses, new market opportunities, and environmental benefits. Integrating climate resilience technology accelerates all three.

resilience guide

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What's inside:

  • Why climate resilience is a major opportunity for companies today
  • What climate resilience technology is – and isn’t
  • How to capture and apply bespoke climate insights for your business
  • What key actions you can take to build climate resilience
  • Case studies from leading companies leveraging resilience technology 
  • A 3-part framework to develop climate resilience in the short & long term